Song 064 – Forever

By February 22, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 044 – My Family, the music for the verses was used as the music for Psalm 13, and the music for the chorus was used as the music for Psalm 14. This song is a run-on-sentence describing my excitement, at the beginning of the summer of 1973, before Marti and I got married in September of 1973, in the St. George Temple, St. George, Utah. In some sense, the run-on sentence is meant to represent eternal happiness. It mattered where we met, at The Red Barn. And yet it didn’t matter where we met. We were playing games young people play, hoping we would not find the unhappiness our parents found when their marriages did not work as they wanted. So, we got to know each other, thought we knew what love could be, got engaged, and started planning our family. Time did pass very quickly, and we became like the confluence of two streams passing by (see Song 068 – First Anniversary). The song does recognize that “once we’ve gone through the temple, and been sealed for forever, we will need His hand to guide us, so, we can be with Him again.”

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