Song 346 – Hatch, Match, & Dispatch

By July 4, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. It is hard to watch friends go through cancer and die. Especially when they are relatively young and have kids the same age as my kids. Kids who are some of my kid’s closest friends. I wrote this song on the day Rachel Williams was buried. “Today was both sad and joyous, Rachel William’s celebration, Women in black, men in ties, Children not knowing their turn will come” (see Song 177 – Enduring ‘Till We Die and Song 150 – Taylor’s Birthday). Brother Webb, Rachel’s brother, and I had a nice conversation. He pointed out how “we meet new friends at least three times, when we hatch, match, and dispatch.” Thus, the chorus of this song. “Happy are the times when life rhymes, with a full batch, a good catch, or the right time to unlatch.” Then I wrote a brief history of Rachel. Her birth in 1949, the same year I was born. One of 10 (the number of kids Andrea and I have between us) who cold be both good and bad (true for every family). Dave Williams looked for Rachel after his mission, and they have 7 lovely children. “Cancer is one of life’s lemons, It takes real faith to make lemonade, Rachel showed her girls what real women do, Unwavering kindness and hope as life fades.” And then this meditation closed with “No one knows what the future holds, Some things make us sad and some things make us glad, And yet this can always be said as life unfolds, Kindness, love, hope, and service never make us mad.”

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