Song 121 – Transitions

By April 30, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 58. This is actually another of the geology songs, which was not listed in Song 021 – Dunes, because it was based on one of the earlier tunes I started, and did not finish until I was digitizing songs which were in my notebook. The photos to the left show our ongoing transition from Houston 4 years after moving back to Cedar City. There are boxes unpacked and over 100 boxes of history which I intend to get digitized. The four words at the beginning and at the end of this song show it was probably written when one of the kids graduated from college: Transitions; Passages; Graduations; Changes. Then, as the big picture guy, I proceeded to write about the astrophysical, the geological, the biological, and finally daily life. It seems to me the difference between these four areas are time, scale, the elements involved, and our models of each system. Astrophysical changes are unfathomably long. Geological processes are longer than most people can imagine. Biological changes have occurred over time frames going back before Noah’s flood. The only transitions we experience are those tied to our daily life. Astrophysical changes cover unfathomable distances and volumes. Geological are at a scale we can experience, whether in a car or a bathyscaphe or climbing across an outcrop. Biological scales are proportional to human scales and are very easy for us to comprehend. Daily life scales are what we experience and what we are used to interacting with. The elements of the astrophysical, the geological, and the biological are variations of what we experience in daily life and what scientists have measured in the laboratory. The astrophysical models provide a framework for the geological models, which provide a framework for the biological models, which provide a model, seldom mathematical, for our daily lives. Each system goes through transitions.

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