Song 435 – Honest Men and Dishonest Men

By June 18, 2022Songs
Song 435
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During the COVID-19 Lockdown, Andrea suggeted I might enjoy reading Ralph Moody’s book “Little Britches – Father and I were Ranchers.” I loved it. It reminded me of the happy times of working with my Dad in Nelson Meat Packing Plant and on the farm. it also reminded me of the words to , “If Kids Grew Up On Farms.”

Like many of my “songs,” this “song” is someone else’s words, put to a tune and supported by chords with the Travis Picking that Quentin Reed taught me so long ago in Denver, Colorado. I do think this message is especially relevant today, with all of the people who have grown up knowing nothing more than public welfare and not having Dad’s to teach them how to work. The good news is each of my kids, and each of my step-kids, know how to work, and are contributing to society. We always need to count our blessings.

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