Song 420 – Companion Study

By June 4, 2020Songs

This song, like my life, is not finished. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has encouraged us, as members, to study the gospel together daily as families. Andrea and I are each quite independent. We do study the gospel individually. It has been harder to study the gospel together. This song is about that journey. We are doing pretty good at reading The Book of Mormon together each day. We still do not do a very good job of studying “Come Follow Me” together. Like life, it is a process, and I expect we will get better with time. The photo is of us at “The Nautalus” and “The Wave,” sandstone structures west of Kanab, which were shown to us by Brother and Sister Kowallis on a Saturday escape from the quarantine and social distancing requirements tied to staying home because of COVID-19.

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