Song 148 – A Song in My Heart

By May 31, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 117 – Andrea, and was used as the music for Psalm 90. The photo to the left was taken on February 20th, 2009, about 3 months after this song was written. I selected it because the out of focus camera giggle captures the images I see “in my heart,” or if you will “in my dreams.” To reinforce what was written in the description of Song 147 – Andrea My Love, check out the following rhyming: 1. friend, end, bend, mend, then; 2. example, sample, ample, trample, gamble; and 3. work, lurk, jerk quirks, and shirk. Themes include friendship, example, and working together. I do not know where the songs come from. I do not know what triggers the thoughts. I do not know why I have a desire to write down what comes to (is planted in) my mind. I do not understand the creative process. I have been accused of being creative. I think there is evidence to support the accusation. I have wondered if it has to do with being thrown off of a horse when he stopped for a barbwire fence, I went over his head, and landed on a volcanic rock. I was about 5, after the horse was spooked by a snake or something out at Calf Springs Ranch. Uncle Glenn and Aunt Connie drove me to the Cedar City Hospital, where I woke up, drank a glass of orange juice, went back to sleep for the night, and woke up the next morning at home. I remember Grandpa Hafen giving me a bad time about not having held the horse reigns close enough and losing control. I have wondered if it had to do with the horse I broke, who would often run away with me. Once someone closed the gate into the feed yard, the horse hit it at full gallop, threw his head back, broke my glasses, which resulted in half-a-dozen stiches in my eyebrow. Another time I was on him bareback, and he took off to the north, stopped suddenly when he saw the 8-foot-tall cement barrier at the granary, I went over his head and landed on my head. Steve Lovell (Song 357) was changing the water and watched the whole episode. He ran over, and as I got up, he said “You sure must have a hard head.” I consider this to be one of the blessings that plants a song in my heart.

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