Song 118 – A Song of My Beloved

By April 26, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 101 – This New Song. The words come directly from II Nephi 15 or Isaiah 5. The music is based on a guitar chord progression for Johann Pachelbel’s Cannon in D. The image and extended image are from youtube, where Cannon in D is shared. This music, since it was not original, was not used as the music for a Psalm. Since I only sing each Song or Psalm about once a year, when I recorded this song I realized how much I like the music and the message, even though it is 3 pages of text and 11 minutes and 42 seconds of music. I am convinced early people – hundreds or thousands of years before tape recorders, cassette players, i-Pods, cell phones, and the rest – memorized and shared the messages of the prophets and the stories of their families and clans via song. I am equally convinced modern people have lost track of the important messages of the scriptures and the prophets and key stories of their families and ancestors because they are distracted by the ability to have recorded music available anytime and anyplace. As Henry David Thoreau so wisely stated over 130 years ago: “Even music may be intoxicating” (see Walden and Civil Disobedience, Penguin Books Canada Limited, 1980, p. 147 and Song 125 – Ode to Henry Thoreau).

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