Song 357 – Steve Lovell

By July 16, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 148 – A Song in My Heart. We had only been in our new home a few months, when, I think it was my sister, Sara Penny (see Song 380 – Driven and Song 384 – Suzuki Practice), mentioned to me there was going to be a funeral at the New Enoch Stake Center, and Steve Lovell would be there, because, as I recall, it was his nephew who had died in a tragic accident. I had not heard Steve Lovell’s name in years (this was before I was assigned to Home Teach Les Jones, who was one of Steve’s friends at CSU [College of Southern Utah], worked closely with Mom at SUSC [Southern Utah State University], and much later was Matt’s favorite teacher in the Psychology Department at SUU [Southern Utah University]). I had a strong desire to see Steve, and so I put on a suit and blue shirt and tie (see photo to the left) and drove out to Enoch. I did not know anyone at the funeral, and as I walked inside to the back of the church, I asked for and then saw Steve. It was a wonderful reunion. Reminded me of when I saw Xu Da-Kun at a conference in Beijing I was supporting Geokinetics at, after many years of not seeing Mr. Xu. One of his friends, Zhou Jiping, who at the time was the President of PetroChina, was standing next to Mr. Xu. Mr. Zhou had been to our house at 1307 Emerald Green for a dinner, and I did not recognize him. Mr. Xu had helped me get a couple of dozen Landmark employees out of China following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and we had worked very closely together on projects Landmark did for the Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (which projects are not listed in the BGP history). This reunion also reminded me of when Andrea and I walked into Laura Schmidt’s wedding reception in Brigham City and Chris and Michelle Schmidt saw us. There is an indescribable joy, when, after a long time, you re-meet someone you have truly shared living with. And to think Steve Lovell had served two senior missions, after his mission to the Navajo Tribe. He served among a branch of the Basque people in Croatia (who are believed to be of the lost 10 tribes), and he also served among the lost 10 tribes in Siberia. Looking back to when Steve worked at the “stink plant” and I was “the boss’ son,” who would have thought the two of us would end up doing the things we did, after going our separate ways. Maybe we knew this deep in our premortal memories, and this is why the reunion was so special. “Memories overwhelming me!”

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