Song 120 – Media

By April 28, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. The image to the left is a merging of the media signpost image from with a 2017 Grandkids Science Camp photo at Old Iron Town, Utah. The older I get, the more concerned I become about the propagandistic nature of media. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone paints their words and their messages to best present their agenda. As I read over some of these posts, and particularly the things I have written about my divorce, I recognize my agenda of painting myself as not such a bad guy. However, it is a fact, I am a sinner. It is a fact, I always strive to do better. It is a fact, I don’t always achieve this goal. It is a fact, I hope in my Savior to take upon himself my sins, in order for me to become clean enough to be in the presence of God and those I love for eternity. It is a fact, today’s media generally does not share this goal. I am convinced Satan is largely in control of the media, and his goal is to tear families apart and keep us, both individually and as families, from finding eternal life (see John 17:3). The negative words staring up from the newspaper give us pause, descriptions of the latest caper or someone’s important cause, glossy photos designed to guide us and to tempt us, novels leading us to surrender – not knowing what is behind the pen, movies to titillate and feed us Satan’s bait, television eyes watching how we spend our time, sometimes finding we watch shows for which we would not pay a dime, and the Internet being misused by those who are evasive. The positive media needs to provide a new kind of seed, something to sample, a good example, something helping us remember and understand what the scriptures mean, helping us learn to judge the works of men, watching movies that teach us truth (what was, what is, and what will be), helping us to better follow Christ, learning to choose good and to avoid bad from visual poems, creating a new knowledge birth. I fear for my grandchildren and their children (see verse 7 of Song 115 – Enough).

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