Song 355 – Shadows

By July 13, 2018Songs

This song was written the evening of 30 October 2013, on one of the first nights I stayed alone at our new place at 2155 W 700 S #31 in Cedar City, Utah. I’m not sure where Andrea was. Probably she was in Salt Lake City with either Audrey or Rachel and their families. The new wood floors were all laid down. I had my new guitar, slept in our new bed, cooked my dinner in our new kitchen, and looked at the books in and pulled books from our new bookcases. As the sun went down, there were shadows creeping around the room. My mind went back to The Keynotes (see Song 103 – I Wanna Hold Your Hand), “Love Portion Number 9,” and the “spooky” C7th chords in that song. I tend to not turn the TV on when I am home alone. I don’t remember if I almost fell, or if “fall” just rhymes with “hall.” In any new place, there can be “shadows creeping around the room, faucets weeping next to the broom, and creaking walls by a long dark hall.” Then my mind calls out to Heavenly Father, and I sing a song or recite a poem, and in not too long the good times roam. “But then the shadows come once again, I can’t help wondering, ‘are bad times to begin,’ There’s been so much pain and grief, Isn’t it time to find some relief.” “Life’s a balance of good and evil, To grow cotton there will be weevils, So keep in mind, as we travel along, Troubles and trials make us strong.” “But even knowing pain is for our good, Doesn’t make it easier to walk through the woods.” “We carry more weight as we learn to endure, Reminding ourselves we can stumble for sure, So we journey on watching each step with care, Looking in the shadows helps us dare.” Nice meditation, where I relearned a lot of truths.

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