Song 141 – Our Class

By May 23, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 135. The photo is of a Primary Program at The Nottingham Country Ward Christmas Party on the 14th of December 2007, which was 18 days before this song was written on the 1st of January 2008. We do a lot of things in life, which fade from our memory. However, when I write a song about something that has happened in my life, I find I am back in the moment as I sing the words. I might forget Thor & Christian Larson, Grace Harlan, Grant (I can’t remember his last name), Madison Graham, Andrea Spruell, Rachel , Bethany Gillet, Brandon Scott McKelvey, Charlotte (I can’t remember her last name, but I remember she lived next to Dick Coons, and her parents said she had a hard time moving to California because she loved my Primary Class), or Jose (forgot his last name too). I remember Grant and Charlotte and Jose, just not their last names. I remember what they looked like. I remember interacting with them in class. I can write something much longer than this description about each of the kids in Our Class. For instance, Brandon McKelvey got baptized, even though his Dad was not a member. His Dad worked for Shell as a geophysicist, and they moved to Nigeria to work for Shell. Scott’s baptism was very special for me.

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