Song 431 – Choice

By June 1, 2021Songs

Glen Reed Longhurst and his wife were in charge of the Cedar City, Utah Family History Center for several months before the pandemic. As Hillcrest Ward Family History Leader, I interacted with Brother Longhurst regularly. He arranged for us to have several monthly Family History Consultant meetings at the Family History Center. The words for this song were on the program for Brother Longhurst’s funeral.

Brother Longhurst was very tall, probably 6 feet 5 inches. At his funeral I met several members of his family, all over 6 foot 5 inches in height. His Bishop summarized the size of the Longhurst Family by saying he feels really small around them. Based on the comments at the funeral, he was a big man spiritually and intellectually as well as physically. Brother Longhurst died from pneumonia issues after contracting COVID-19. Sister Longhurst was so calm and peaceful at the viewing. Yes, he left early. However, he will prepare a place for her and for their family. Death is a natural part of life. Choice, which is what Brother Longhurst’s poem is about, is all about how we choose to respond to the issues and challenges we face. His family definitely handeled his unexpted early passing with grace and with love. Oh that all would choose to do so well.

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