Song 167 – Heart of Gold

By June 22, 2018Songs

This song was used to provide the music for Psalm 76. I Home Taught Chris Schmidt’s family for years. Chris moved into their house, which was on the street that dead ended into our driveway, shortly after we moved into 1307 Emerald Green Lane. Chris and Michelle have two daughters and one son. Because of Home Teaching, and the fact they lived closer than any other member of the ward, I watched the kids grow up. The oldest daughter, Anna, served a mission for the LDS church in Argentina. I was very touched by Anna’s homecoming talk, and how much she had grown spiritually serving in “a completely different country, With a completely different language, And a completely different culture.” As she bore testimony of her mission experiences, I saw “a heart of gold, and the fire burning brightly.” I took notes from her talk, and when I got home, quickly moved the words to a song with the typical rhyming approach: 1. gold, bold, brightly, tightly; 2. cold, fold, nightly, quickly; 3. hard, understand, freely, completely; 4. floors, poor, clothes, low; 5. hospital, His love, Argentina, missionaries. I do not remember why Sister Schmidt was in a hospital in Argentina. As I write this, I remember the spiritual confirmation she was healed by the Savior in that poor, understaffed, underequipped hospital. It was missionaries who were the emissaries, and who gave the blessing. It was the spirit of God which touched and changed Anna, just as the spirit of God had touched and changed me in Corvallis, Oregon the summer of 1968 (see Song 087 – The First Prayer). This same spirit confirmed the truthfulness of Anna’s testimony in this sacrament meeting in the Nottingham Country Ward. It is special when the spirit teaches us truth.

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