Song 363 – II Nephi 22 or Isaiah 12

By July 23, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 101 – This New Song. The image is a scan of M. Gustave Doré’s 59th steel engraving in “The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise” by Dante Alighieri, as translated by the Reverend Henry Francis Cary, M.A. and published by Cassell & Company, Limited in the late 1800’s, and which is in my library. This image was scanned because verses 4-5 include “And in that day shall ye say, Praise the Lord, Call upon his name, Declare his doings among the people, Make mention that his name is exalted. Sing unto the Lord; For he had done excellent things.” The marvelous steel engravings in this wonderful old book tell the story of each of us. At least each of us who have an ideal, a Beatrice, who leads us through the anger and the despair and the hurt and the pain and the purgatory of our individual lives to the Kingdom of God (His restored church) and hopefully eventually to the Kingdom of Heaven (Eternal Life on the other side of the veil of death). Note the phrase “kingdom of God” occurs 74 times in 10 different New Testament books, while the phrase “kingdom of heaven” only occurs 33 times, and only in Matthew. So, the parenthetical interpretation of the two kingdoms, which in the broader connection across eternity are definitely the same kingdom, is very much a personal interpretation. The point is there was singing in the time Isaiah, in the time of Nephi, and in our time. Scriptural language can be sung.

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