Song 127 – No Fears

By May 7, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 60. I really enjoyed our two trips to St. Louis to visit Paul and his family. The grandkids were at the perfect age. Paul had fun activities planned for us. The City Museum was fabulous. It was so much fun watching Grant lead his Dad through the maze of tunnels and literally climb through the air from an airplane wing to another building through a tube of wire, as shown to the left. Note the red circle identifies Grant Matthew Nelson. Then there were the times at the house. They had a hammock strung up in one room, and when Grant got in the hammock, Paul would swing him from the ceiling on one side to the ceiling on the other side. Grant loved it, and so did everyone else watching the antics. Grant wanted to study ants in those days. I think he mostly was intoxicated with the sound of the word “myrmecologist.” Hard to believe I can remember when Grant was riding a plastic 4-wheeler. After all, he is 16 years old and taller than me now. It has been so much fun catching snapshots of the excitement of collecting roly-polies, to the excitement of fishing, to the excitement of his cello, to the excitement of Lego robots, to the excitement of driving, to someone who works and is interested in money and girls and cars. Reminds me of someone else I know (see Song 096 – The Problems of Youth).

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