Song 436 – There Art Thou

By September 19, 2022Songs

During Preparation Meeting for our shift at the Cedar City Temple on Thursday 1 Morning, President Brough said, “There Art Thou, …, wouldn’t that be a good title for a song.” So I wrote the title down on my swallow sheet, and later that morning I told him I would send him the results. Andrea was babysitting in Salt Lake Saturday morning. One of my two morning song to sing was Psalm 113. I liked the tune, and used it with the title President Brough gave in Preparation Meeting and the first line he gave in the Marriage Waiting Room. I sent the results to him Saturday morning, 17 September 2022 at 10:53, and he responded at 2:11 PM with “Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing.”

Like many of my “songs,” this “song” chords with the Travis Picking that Quentin Reed taught me so long ago in Denver, Colorado. I shared this song with Steve Engst and Andrea on our way home from church on Sunday the 18th of September when we stopped to catch up after our three-week cross-country trip. Steve said, “This should definitely be one of Roice’s Top Ten Songs.” Nice compliments.

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