Song 356 – Snow Falling

By July 14, 2018Songs

Five days after I wrote Song 355 – Shadows, on 04 November 2013, I was (still?) alone, and it snowed. This was our first snow storm after moving into our new home. This song, and all subsequent songs, were written after the Psalms were all put to music, and so none of the music for these songs were used as music for the traditional Psalms. As I watched the snow come down in the back yard, I thought of when I was growing up, memories of times hard, when here was snow falling and cattle to be fed. The chorus of this meditation says: “There are jobs which must be done, In the rain, snow, or sun, Life and love and happiness, Depend on our willingness to serve.” There are 2 artist verses which include the words: “Snow falling, covering the grass, Greens to whites, then browns at last. … Snow falling, small flecks of white, God painting his canvas right.” Then there were the memories from my youth which started flooding into my mind: “Snow fell back in the time, When I was learning how life rhymes, The worst storms always came on Thursdays. … Snowfalls on Thursday afternoons, When Dad was in St. George seemed cruel, The cattle would always break through the fence.” Feeding the cattle – night after night, and rounding them up when they broke through the fence – time after time, helped turn me into the person I am today. “Now snow falls in the back yard, A pretty picture for my mind to guard, Lessons learned and internalized, There are jobs which must be done, In the rain, snow or sun, Life and love and happiness, Depend on our willingness to serve.” I think through these words, and the experiences of my youth, and I am so glad I have had the opportunities for growth which came my way. I feel so sorry for those who never learned to work, and who spend their time wishing the government would take care of them.

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