Song 419 – The Tree of Life

By June 3, 2020Songs

This is another song about Nephi, in The Book of Mormon. In thinking about “The Tree of Life,” my mind went to my Great-Great Grandmother, and the statue Frank Nichols made commerating her first winter at Iron Springs. The picture is of a float we made for the 2019 24th of July Parade showing an image of this statue. Frank is in the background. It reminds me of other songs I have written, and of therelationship of these other songs to my long-time friend Randy Shirts. Randy is Andrea’s brother, who is my age. We have been friends since his family moved to Cedar City from Iran when we were in 4th grade. When Randy visited me at the University of Utah, I wrote a song I called “Randy’s Song.” After our 30th High School Class Reunion, he had me come down to his Mom’s house to say hello to my “‘nother mother” (see Maxine Memories). His wife Katheryn went across the street and brought Andrea over, and that is when we remet. When Andrea and I visited Randy and Kathryn at their place in Provo in 2003 I wrote Nephi’s Vision, a song about part of The Book of Mormon I was reading at the time. In the subtitle, I refer to this song as Randy’s birthday song. There is a lot of history under this bridge.

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