Song 150 – Taylor’s Birthday

By June 2, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 75 and is referenced in Song146 – The Dance. This is a fun song. I enjoy singing it in Primary Sharing Time. We will get those whose birthdays have happened, and then at least one chorus will use their name. They feel like the song was written for them. The teachers grimace when I sing about “an annual remembrance of our Mother’s pain, helps us to dance through our lows and our gains.” In fact, they grimace when I sing “As time passes by, our birthdays will fly, with times low and high, we’ll prepare for when we die.” There is usually a little smile when I sing “It’s best if we enjoy each day of our life, forgetting the broken toy, and not worrying about future strife.” After all, “Today’s Taylor’s Birthday, today is the day, Today’s Taylor’s birthday, today she turns _____” (Can you believe Taylor was ever five years old?). In fact, can you believe I was ever five years old? It is fun to sing, and fun to watch how others react to, relate to, and enjoy the rhythm, beat, and even the words and the singing. I recall at one Grandkid’s Summer Science Camp Ben saying how much better his song (see Song 013) is than everyone else’s, because it is strummed and has a beat like this song.

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