Song 149 – Living Dreams

By June 1, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Song 347 – David’s Psalm to Thank the Lord as recorded in 1st Chronicles 16:8-38. To further reinforce what was written in the description of Song 147 – Andrea My Love, check out the following rhyming from this song: C. dreams, seem seen, schemes; 1. run, sun, fun, done; 2. blast, fast, past, lasts; 3. tears, fears, hear, years; 4. life, wife, strife, knife; 5. game, fame, aim, blame; and 6. ahead, said, dead, ahead. The theme revolves around “getting lost in my dreams,” “living on the run,” “now’s when to have a blast,” “worry leads to tears,” “enjoy the good parts of life,” which is “like a chess game,” and “striving to see ahead.” In the bigger picture, this “striving to see ahead,” is a theme for several of these songs, including Song 001 – Open My Eyes Please, Song 003 – Alone, Song 014 – Paul’s Song, Song 026 – Spring, Song 032 – Find The Seed, Song 036 – Hagen’s Escape, Song 079 – Why I Try, Song 081 – Vision, Song 090 – Deseret, Song 091 – I Once Saw A Family, Song 093 – Alex’s Unspoken Prayer, Song 097 – All I need is Love, Song 100 – Zion, Song 107 – Missionaries, Song 115 – Enough, Song 126 – Not Very Smart, Song 145 – Change The World, Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free, Song 162 – NEWS, Song 353 – New Wood Floors, etc. One of the verses refers to life being like a chess game, and so I put a couple of screen captures of on-line chess games with kids. We played quite a bit of on-line chess in the past. Have not had an on-line game for quite some while. Always felt there were more important things to do than play games, and so I did not learn how to play with my kids and others. This means I sometimes do not do a very good a job of living my dreams.

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