Song 352 – Grandpa’s Drum

By July 10, 2018Songs

This song was used to provide the music for Song 361 – Cry Unto Him. In July of 2013 Audrey and Joshua brought their girls and two exchange students from China, who were staying with them for a couple of weeks, down to Cedar City from Salt Lake. Sophie and Izzy, Amy and Lilian stayed at the Condo with us, and Joshua and Audrey had some time alone in a hotel. Sophie and Izzy had a lot to say. We taught them how to do sand paintings. They discovered they could use my tummy as a drum, and it became “a lot of fun.” We took everyone to Cedar Breaks, and Sophie and Izzy became Junior Rangers. Sophie, Amy, Lillian, and myself “became four visitors in a million, Taking the Lower Trail to the Alpine Lake.” Just as we got back in the car to leave, it started to rain. The “pat, pat, pat on the car window,” was like the “pat, pat, pat on a drum.” It was “the perfect time for the rain to come.” Then “in the evening after dinner” I wished I was thinner, “as Sophie and Izzy jumped on (my) tummy, After a week of too much food yummy.” In February 2018, when I helped Melissa Leavitt advertise The Annual Children’s Jubilee, which my sister, Sara Penny, started, I ended up singing this song at several Elementary Schools. It was well received, and Melissa requested a copy of the music so she could sing it to her grandchildren. It is interesting to me how some of these songs are so well received. I recall when I sang Song 025 – Homecoming at Enoch Elementary, a few miles from the farm, I was overcome with emotion, like I am sometimes in the first take in recording some of these songs. Hopefully my kids will eventually realize how important these songs are to me, and why I want them to have a written and audio copy for their meditations and hopefully enjoyment.

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