Song 439 – Christmas in July

By July 16, 2023Songs

The Science Camp theme for 2023 was water. However, the big surprise was Christmas in July. The kids cut down an Aspin twig and decorated it with Christmas Tree Lights. We had a puzzle we had put together for each family. Each puzzle was wrapped as a Christmas present. Each family picked a puzzle, and then they had opportunities to trade what they selected by taking away someone else’s puzzle. This was repeated with some white elephant gifts. Then the last 9-years of Andrea’s work putting together photo albums were made available. The idea was to look through the books and use Post-It notes to note things that were wrong or needed to be changed. Andrea will make the changes, and then we will get each of the books scanned. It is a really big project, and Andrea has been very diligent working on it. We hope all of this effort is appreciated. This song’s chorus is about Christmas in July, and the verses discuss things that happened at Science Camp in 2023. This is also described in Grandkidlet 23.29

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