Song 372 – Relief

By August 2, 2018Songs

It is hard to understand why others do not see the opportunities I see. Maybe I look at opportunities in geological time-frames, and everyone else is evaluating me and my opportunities in financial time-frames. We had been in Cedar City about a year. We were not yet on Social Security. Finances were stretched as thin as they could be. And I received term-sheet from one of the “investors” I was talking to. This was enough to get me excited, even though looking back nothing came of the term-sheet. It was all hot air. It seems there are those who just want to lead you along, then when you have been led as far as you can possibly go, or even farther, they still do not come up with the cash. Maybe they never had the cash. Maybe they are optimistically hoping they will soon have the cash. Maybe they are just liars and cheats. Whatever the case, I saw this call as relief from overwhelming financial pressures. At least it was relief, if only in my mind, for a short time, until reality eventually hit. “It has been a long time, It has been a hard climb,” words which accurately reflect the last few years. The photo of the cliffs at Zion to the left is intended to show a long hard climb, which takes a lot of time. The expanded view is showing looking down from a long hard climb. “It has taken many miles, There have not always been smiles,” is an understatement regarding recovery from oil & gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico being shut down by the Obama Administration after the Deep Water Horizon disaster. Always have liked Ronald Reagan’s story of a boy who received a pile of manure for a present, and proceeded to dig through it “because there has to be a pony in here someplace.” Thus the line “Looking through lots and lots of piles.” “It has taken a lot of work, Something we must not shirk,” is my ongoing attempt to pass on truth to my kids. “It has taken much patience, Faith, hope, and reliance, On the Lord and on science, Believing in future finances,” are words saying the long-view makes the short-term efforts worth it. After all “Relief is not always a must, We just need in God to trust, Remembering He made us from the dust.”

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