Song 375 – Dallin, Space Cadet

By August 6, 2018Songs

Dallin’s song was written just after Science Camp 2015. The song started out being about how often Dallin needed to stop to use the bathroom as we drove from Bryce Canyon to Boulder, Utah through the beautiful Navajo sandstone scenery. This road also goes along the crest of a mountain, where there is a thousand foot drop off on both sides of the road. It turns out Andrea’s Grandpa, Morris Shirts, was working for the Utah Department of Transportation when this road was built and was in charge of the construction. Deep roots in Southern Utah. Andrea’s Dad, Morris Alpine Shirts, was a historian, and documented Southern Utah in two books: “A Trial Furnace;” and “Silver, Sinners, and Saints.” Andrea’s Great-Great Grandfather, King Darius Shirts, helped build the road called Johnson’s Twists, which is now a four-wheeler road between Hurricane and Virgin, down by Zion. Dallin was watering the road between Escalante and Boulder. “Thin and wiry, fast and fiery, Dallin is adept, Son of a rocket scientist, A real space cadet.” When I sang this song at the 2018 Science Camp in Buena Vista, Colorado, the Grandkids all had a good time remembering what happed from the words: “Time and time and time again, Bladder control did not last, He can whip it out so fast, The car behind did not pass, Pointed at Grandpa down the hill, They were having a blast, Timing how long to open the door, and then shut it fast.” The next verses are the ones important to me: “The youngest cousin at science camp, ¬†lighting his own lamp, Self-professed to not think through, Before getting a clue, But I watched as the time flew, And saw a young genius’ view, Always watching for the new, Seldom acting blue, As time passes through life’s queue, Expect to see how Dallin flew.” It is so exciting for me to see kids discover the world. It is even more exciting when these kids are my Grandkids. Then to top it off, Dallin is a boy, and he will carry on Dad’s family name.

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