Song 401 – Quiet Times

By September 5, 2018Songs

In many ways I have become my Dad. He never recovered from the financial disaster associated with the government shutting down Nelson Meat Packing Plant (see Song 360 – A Man with Values, Song 112 – Reckless, Song 078 – Rain, and Song 011 – Howard Nelson). I have yet to recovered from the financial disaster associated with shutting down HyperMedia Corporation (see Song 369 – Live in the Present and Song 076 – Job). Dad was very emotional. I am very emotional. Dad liked to be alone on the farm. I like to be alone, thinking, or taking care of our little garden in back of Grandma Nelson’s house. Dad woke up early. I wake up early. The big difference is I left home in 1969 to go to the University of Utah, and only came back to visit. Dad left home to go to Utah State University, came home, and never left. Maybe, at least in my mind, I never left? After all, I was often told when growing up the red dirt in the irrigation water gets in your blood, and you have to come home to buried in it. This song talks about “Quiet times in the mountains, Reflecting on the things we’ve done.” At Science Camp in 2017 we were at the Nelson Cabin and I woke up a couple of hours earlier than anyone else. “Quiet times in the mountains, Lit by rays from the morning sun.” Verse 1 talks about how “We congregate once a year.” Year rhymes with deer, fear, and mirror. Verse 2 talks about “Muscles aching from a strenuous climb.” Climb rhymes with dime, rhyme, and times. Verse 3 talks about “Sheep baa-a-a-ing in the distances.” Distances rhymes with incense, repentance, and instance. Verse 4 talks about “Kids sleeping in today.” Today rhymes with play, say, and rays. And verse 5 talks about “Rain threatening muddy roads.” Roads rhymes with loads, toads, and abode. One thing I have provided, which Dad did not have the tools to provide, is quiet times in the mountains for my grandkids.

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