Song 342 – Projects

By June 30, 2018Songs

This song was used for the music for Song 348 – Psalm 154 – David’s Blessing. I have always had a lot of projects I’m working on. This song summarizes four projects going on in the summer and fall of 2012. One year working for Kjell Finstadt, the investor in Continuum Resources who “fired” me (see Song 086a-b – Be Still Geologists Geoscientists and Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free). Obviously, we still had a good relationship after we mutually agreed it was time for me to leave Continuum. He hired me to do a large regional 2-D seismic interpretation of the first 2-D seismic survey collected by the same ship with the same acquisition parameters connecting deep water prospect in Mexico with deep water fields in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. It was an 8,250 kilometer (5,126 mile) 2-D survey, that defined spreading-centers, basin floor fans, salt domes, and was the most geologically exciting interpretation project I’ve done. Two years building geological models for the Texas Shelf PSDM project Dr. Dick Coons and I worked on (see Song 048 – Light at the End of the Tunnel, Song 143 – Dedication to John Doran, and Song 165 – Feed Yourself First). Three years of work, which actually led into the second project described above. We had sold 2 leases to Petsec Energy in this same Texas shelf area, and had a nice override agreement in place (see Song 165 – Feed Yourself First). These are the leases that went away after the Federal Government’s reaction to the Macondo disaster.  At the time, I had spent 4 years attempting to sell a 50 TCF (trillion cubic feet of natural gas, worth $360 billion [if it is there] at US$7.19/MCF [thousand cubic feet of natural gas]) natural gas exploration project in Europe. Exciting project, and so far it is simply too big to sell. At that time, I had spent 5 years working on Dynamic Measurement, and our lightning analysis work (see Song 053 – Fred the Fox, Song 113 – Jennifer Roberts, Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free, Song 158 – Thunder and Lightning, and Song 165 – Feed Yourself First). It is almost 6 years later, and I am still pursuing the last two projects listed. Or as I say in the chorus: “Projects driving me up the wall, Always afraid I might fall, Talking on too much takes gall, Thankfully I’ve learned to stay on the ball.”

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