Song 126 – Not Very Smart

By May 5, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 59. Since there are now over 400 of these Songs and Psalms, if I sing one to myself every morning, it means there is over a year gap between when I sing each song. As I learned how to use my smart phone to make a trial recording of the songs, when I record them I make sure I remember the tune, then I sing through the song and attempt to record it on the first take. I feel the words and tunes for many of these songs are planted in my head. It is like I faintly hear future performances and capture those performances as a Songs or Psalms. There are often a lot of emotions tied up in the words and the music. A result, like in this recording of this song, is the emotions overwhelm the recording. In the spirit of “one take” I have posted many of these emotional performances. I hope those who listen realize the emotions are because I love my family – my parents, my children, my grandparents, my grandchildren – and I have posted the “first takes” because I feel they show an added dimension of this love and this concern and this hope for goodness in loved one’s lives. The words to this song are pretty straight forward. I put Ella’s wrists in a plastic locking ring, and it pinched her skin. That’s not very smart. Verse 2 imagines when she goes out to play and does something not very smart. Verse 3 images choices as a teenager, which choices might not be very smart. And verse 4 imagines when she points out to her children things they do which things are not very smart. There are times when we all make choices that are not so smart.

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