Song 146 – The Dance

By May 29, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 41. I miss the days when Melanie and her family would come over to 1307 Emerald Green on a Sunday afternoon and we would talk, or listen to the Grandkids play the flutes, or I would write a song. A song like Song 150 – Taylor’s Birthday, Halle’s Song 349 – The Graceful Swan, or this song. In this case, the girls were blowing on the flutes, driving everyone but me crazy, and started to dance around. I started to play a guitar chord progression: G C D G, and Colby picked up on the same progression on the piano. Pretty soon we had a lot of noise, with a couple of girls dancing all over the place. This song is kind of unique, because we actually captured a video of Colby on the piano, Taylor dancing, Halle sitting on Melanie’s lap, and me playing the guitar and singing the song we wrote just a few minutes after it happened. With more and more improving computer technology, it is obvious to me that in the future more of these special family moments will be captured, stored, cataloged, and be available for review by participants and loved ones. I look forward to any movies the Grandkids want to forward to me. Ethan has created a couple of very creative movies. I’m not into bashing watermelons, and I thought his move with a girlfriend, reflecting when his Dad had a girlfriend, was very creative and very well done. Hopefully when we go to Ft. Collins in a few weeks we will be able to see his R2-D2 perform “The Dance.”

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