Songs 177 – Enduring ‘Til We Die

By June 28, 2018Songs

This song was used to provide the music for Psalm 30. Ever since HyperMedia went under, it feels like I have been enduring till I die. For not having much cash flow, and often being worried about how we are going to pay the bills that are coming due, we live quite nicely. This meditation, a month after Song 175 – The Best Side, is about how we endure. “Living in a museum, protecting some of my life’s work, hoping someone will grab the baton, making a difference by carrying on.” The photo to the left, and the extended photo which comes up when you click on that photo, are intended to capture the idea of living in a museum. The chorus is a complaint, “We don’t know why” there are always so many problems, “And still we try.” All we can do is sigh. I learned a long time ago, never to lie, as a lie always comes back to bite you. So, we find ourselves “Enduring ‘till we die.” The lines, “Working in my mind, Never knowing what I’ll find,” reflect words in the descriptions of Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free, Song 148 – A Song in My Heart, Song 100 – Zion, Song 091 – I Once Saw a Family, Song 079 – Why I Try, and Song 001 – Open My Eyes Please, among others. And, of course, there are the lines referencing “With good friends who are kind, Helping me out of a bind,” which reflects words in the description of Song 097 – All I Need is Love. “Building on a dream, Finding things not as they seem, Others often seem so keen, Seldom do they grab the beam.” “Hoping efforts are not for naught, That some ideas will be caught, Maybe even some day be bought, And eventually even be taught.” And ending with “Believing when you plant good seeds, Others eventually recognize your deeds, And they’re not overcome with weeds, Eventually meeting other people’s needs.”

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