Song 382 – A Song of Praise

By August 14, 2018Songs

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Song 382 - Psalm 156 - A Song of PraiseText: HRN, Judges Chapter 5, 24 January 2016, 0 Fret, Travis Pick Download Audio FileDownload Chords

It is hard to believe I have been posting one song a day for 14 months. This song was originally posted as Psalm 156. And the good news to me is I will finish up this phase of this project in just 1 more month. It is nice to have a 15-month project, instead of a 15-year project, like Dynamic Measurement is turning into. Of course, writing the songs began before 1970, and so in reality, this project, like most of my other projects, is at least 50 years in the making. To post this song, like the other Psalms which were previously posted, I simply need to have a reference, without an image and a description. However, it has become a habit to write a bit of a description. This Psalm, from Judges 5, is brutal. Even if he was a tyrant, it celebrates murder. So, I did select an image based on justice. The image is of a statue of the lady of justice with the scales of justice and a sword from an offering on ebay in the UK.

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