Song 373 – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

By August 3, 2018Songs

The image to the left is of an original Kenneth R. Turner painting named Eternal Reunion, and is used with permission. The original oil painting is 36 x 54 inches and was commissioned by Dr. Glen and Melinda Ginter. What better image to signify the Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen’s song. Note how the Savior hold the child in this painting. This pose is modeled after the painting of the Savior holding a child, which Ken did for me, and which is used as an image for Psalm 146. I was very much into music and what was playing on the radio when I was a teenager. However, since my mission I have not listened to music much. Busy. Lost a quarter in my undergraduate studies because of staying to help transition the new Mission President, as he worked through some of the issues which resulted in the old Mission President being disfellowshipped. Plus, since I thought I would never be in Europe again, and probably at the suggestion of my Mom, I spent a week with an Elder from Delta, Utah traveling from Dover to Paris to Antwerp to Holland to Heidelberg to the Swiss Temple in Zollikofen and a night with my companion Bruno Steinle, back to Paris, and then back to London to fly home. After the first year of college after my mission, I was married. Then came the job at Mobil Oil, kids, the job at the University of Houston, Landmark Graphics, and the rest. One of thing things I love about being home in Cedar City is to sing in The Master Singers. I remember a recent study which said the one thing common in men finding happiness is singing in a Men’s Choir. When The Master Singer’s sang this song, I was deeply touched. I cried. I wrote out the chords and played the song to myself quite often for many weeks. It is one of only a few songs by others which is included in this work. You can read about the origin of this song and about Leonard Cohen here.

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