Song 147 – Andrea, My Love

By May 30, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 117 – Andrea and Song 148 – A song in My Heart, and it provided the music for Psalm 84. The photo of Andrea in front of our Prius was taken on September 22nd, 2008 in the 1307 Emerald Green driveway. The extended version shows Halle, Taylor, Colby, and Melanie, who had evacuated from Vidor to our house, because of hurricane Ike. This photo of Andrea was taken 11 days after I wrote this song. A lot of my songs have a theme or two running through them, with 4 lines per verse, where many of the lines end with rhyming words. Sometimes the meaning of a verse gets skewed because of the effort to find rhyming works. This song kind of fits this mold. “Glove” and “above” rhyme with “love.” “Long” rhymes with “song.” “Shoes” rhymes with “you.” “Last” rhymes with “glass” and “fast.” “Around” rhymes with “pound.” “Blue” and “true” rhyme with “you.” The themes include protective clothing, like “a glove” and “shoes,” and the basis of living: “life,” “walking through broken glass,” “my heart pounds,” “know it beats for you,” and “know it’s true.” I have sung this a couple of times for friends, and it gets a laugh. I like it, and like all of my songs, it expresses what is in my heart.

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