Song 119 – Anticipation

By April 27, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 70. Christmas 2005 was special. It is the only time since the year after my divorce most of our kids got together with us for Christmas. Christmas was a very big deal for my Mom. She worked very hard making all kinds of candy and cookies and popcorn balls and fancy foods. She would buy Sara and myself wonderful Christmas presents. Then she would invite all of her friends to come out to our home in Cedar Valley on Christmas afternoon to eat and for their children to play with the new toys she had gotten Sara and myself. After my life changing spiritual experience, the summer of 1968 in Corvallis, Oregon (see Song 087 – The First Prayer), I resented the commercialization of Christmas and Mom’s attitude towards Christmas. Yet this “looking beyond the mark” approach to Christmas was ingrained, and I now see it as part of the family traditions of several of our children, obviously learned from me. I always strived to make Christmas very special for our kids. We had lots of presents for them to open. This kind of culminated in 2005 when Ben and Paul and Melanie and their families all came to 1307 Emerald Green Lane and joined with us for a Christmas celebration. I do not remember everyone who was there. I know we had Three Little Men there, as shown in the photo to the left. Since this year we have had very nice Christmas visits with Melanie’s family, Paul’s family, Audrey’s family, and Rachel’s family. We had one Christmas vacation alone in Zion, because everyone was busy or mad at us. Since 2005 we have not had several of our children and their families get together with us at one time at Christmas time. Maybe it is because I pushed too much religion and genealogy at this Christmas party in 2005. Maybe it is because kids go their own way after a certain age. Maybe it is because of divorces. Maybe it is because of Satan’s influence. Maybe I won’t really understand or know until after death and I am on the other side of the veil. The good news is we did have this one special Christmas, with Grandsons from 3 families together, full of anticipation.

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