Song 380 – Driven (Sara Penny)

By August 11, 2018Songs

This song is referenced in the description of Song 357 – Steve Lovell. We have all known folks who are overachievers. Some of us are overachievers. Sometimes there is a drive in a family, and the children are all overachievers. My sister, Sara Penny, and myself are both driven. I think for at least slightly different reason. I think Grandpa Hafen’s and Dad’s cancer was a driving force making me want to live life to the fullest. I do not think I am unduly afraid of cancer, or of death. I think my faith in Jesus Christ and in the restoration of His church (see Song 007 – Froggie Learns the Gospel, Song 005 – CTR-8 Testimonies, Song 027 – Animal Testimony Meeting, Song 047 – Spirit World, Song 087 – The First Prayer, Song 088 – The Prophets, Song 089 – The Birth, Song 090 – Deseret, Song 092 – Sunrise, Song 098 – The Eighth Psalm, Song 099 – Scriptures, Song 100 – Zion, Song 106 – Nephi’s Vision, Song 107 – The Missionaries, Song 118 – A Song of My Beloved, Song 128 – April 6th, Song 141 – Our Class, Song 144 – Oh That I Were An Angel v. 1, Song 151 – Hear God’s Word, Song 152 – Baptism, Song 153 – The Great Cause, Song 163 – Seminary Trek, Song 167 – Heart of Gold, Song 168 – Build the Gospel Onion, Song 354 – Oh That I Were An Angel v-2, Song 358 – Psalm of Nephi, Song 361 – Cry Unto Him, Song 363 – II Nephi 22 or Isaiah 12, Song 365 – The Voice of The Lord, Song 366 – Ammon Glories in The Lord, Song 367 – Mary’s Psalm, Song 368 – The Lord’s Prayer, Song 370 – The Great Intercessory Prayer, Song 371 – Oh That Ye Had Repented, Song 373 – Hallelujah, Song 378 – Revelations 25:3-4, all of the Psalms, and others) have helped me climb that mountain. When my brother-in-law, Desmond Penny, contracted lymphoma, I saw a different side of my sister. She is more afraid of death. Maybe to be fair, she is afraid of loosing Desmond. I think Mom pushed both of us hard. Neither of us could meet Mom’s expectations. I think it was especially hard being the only son and the oldest. Sara thinks it was especially hard because she was the only girl, was in Cedar City, was expected to pick up the pieces, and to do things to make Mom proud. Whatever the case, there is no question about the fact we are both driven. This meditation, written on Sara’s birthday in 2016 is an attempt to capture some of how my sister, Sara Penny, is driven.

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