Song 134 – Look Around

By May 15, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. “Look around, see the sound, can’t you hear, the sight of fear.” This shows I had a tendency to mix up the senses early on. This was later captured in Song 012 – A Lullaby, where I wrote “Your lips so tender and so soft, will see much before you grow too tall, of life and different ways to live, of a true love and all it can give.” Maybe this tendency to not recognize what senses are doing what is part of what makes me think differently than most folks around me. “As you walk along the blinding sound drowns out the sights you can not hear, and you wonder if it had to be this way, or if you really choose.” Must have had philosophy classes at the “U” about free will and predeterminism about the time I was writing this. And the course is modified with, “So you look around to see the sound, not sure to hear the sights of fear.” Then there are words which imply classes exploring whether life is just evolutionary chance or if there is a master designer, namely: “That surround the world and all it offers you as you slowly grow, you wonder if the world was made for you or are you just per chance.” When someone thinks deeply, it can be very frightful, and can cause tears of fear: “So look around, your thoughts abound, it seems so near, that touching tear, that falls across your cheek, as you try to comprehend the reasons why.” Each of us has the opportunity to explore these kinds of thoughts. Most do not delve deeply, and so they do not recognize: “And you look around, your eyes to the ground, seeking truth and wanting proof, what to believe, and what to doubt.” Only makes sense for the photo accompanying these words to be about seeing sound.

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