Song 404 – Welcome to Today

By September 8, 2018Songs

This song is referred to by Song 400 – Good and Bad Teachers. Today we daily see the “fake news” rewriting history. Why? To pursue an agenda and to get more power for the spokesperson’s agenda. The sad fact is the “fake news” is not just liberal. “History is often rewritten, Welcome to yesterday.” There is no question that “Life is full of surprises, Welcome to today.” Sometimes we forget, “We can create our future, Welcome to tomorrow.” This song is typical of my attempts at rhyming: Roice and choice, believe and weave, challenges and hinges, up and sup; history and story, instance and enhance, fruits and boots, killed and Cambodia; unhinged and singed, had and bad, roots and fruits, courts and forts; test and best, know and grow, sow and go, and lastly garden and pardon. These words were selected to share a message. We do have a choice. I choose to believe. I choose to weave my life’s fabric. I like history. History teaches us the fruits of communism: dictator’s boots, and millions killed in Russia, China, and Cambodia. I made several trips to, and spent time with Muslim’s in Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. Today, there are millions of those people who are being re-educated. Scary tactics. I’m glad we did not find out the tactics Hillary Clinton would have used in The White House. I do not write these words as justification for Donald Trumps’ tactics. However, in my mind economic fruits and the Supreme Court Justice confirmed and the Supreme Court Justice nominated justify my vote, even in spite of Trump’s failings, and the disruptions from liberal and the media agendas. I selected a scan of the “Iron County Today” magazine for the image, because it has an article on the impact of The Boy Scout’s choosing to leave the principals behind why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the first and eventually the religious organization with the largest implementation of the Boy Scout program. Taken in total, these songs are basically an expansion on songs I wrote about Boy Scout Camps. Now, there will be a new worldwide youth program in the church, one which honor’s gender and the ten commandments. It is sad to see changes, and yet the new programs will be better. I recognize I did not spend enough time with my girls, doing thing like Philmont, which I did three times with my sons, and the many other Scout High Adventures I went on. Hopefully the new program will help eliminate this type of disparity. The expanded image is a scan a few pages further on in the Today magazine, describing my support of my Sister, as Sara attempts to bring joy to people with her Last Friday musician presentations. “Life is a test, it brings out our best, We can not know, everything to grow, From the seeds we sow, where time’s arrow will go, So, we tend our garden, believing the Lord will pardon” our mistakes of yesteryear. And we do our best to welcome today.

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