Song 386 – Erosion

By August 18, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 021 – Dunes. It is based on a definition of erosion, and is intended to teach about geology. Erosion is a beautiful example of the fractal nature of geology. You can look at erosion of sand in the backyard, and see the same pattern you see when you go to a stream and look at how erosion occurs. These, of course, are the same patterns you see when you look at how sediments erode at the base of a mountain. “First there is a crack, Then a piece breaks off, Erosion is an active process, Mechanical destruction of the land.” “Wind and rain and ice beat on the ground, Breaking up the rocks gravity then pulls down, Changing landscapes across the world, New vistas slowly are unfurled.” “Loosened or dissolved or simply worn away, Materials in the crust moved to another place, Natural processes all around us, Slowly weathering down mountain tops.” This is certainly true in Southern Utah. “Weathering, solution, corrosion, and frost, Wearing away the land around us, Transported by streams, wind, waves, or glaciers, A gradual retreat of all the valley walls.” Then at larger temporal cycles, “Milankovitch Cycles change the sea level, 250-450 meters across geologic time, Global eustatic changes cut deep incised valleys, when glaciation drops sea levels.” “The geologic record shows unconformity surfaces, Separating older rocks subjected to erosion, And the younger covering sediments, Leaving remnants standing above land surfaces.” I really can see a dance troupe taking this description of geology and converting it into a performance. Time will tell.

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