Song 412 – Be My Valentine

By May 26, 2020Songs

This song was written after a verbal commitment from a potential investor in Las Vegas to fund the Humoldt County, Nevada gold exploration project I have been working on for several years. He not only committed to fund this project, he committed to get off of the Board of 3 other companies and to focus on working with me on this gold exploration project as well as other ideas I have. This was just before Valentine’s Day in 2019, over a year ago. Has not happened yet. No wonder Andrea gets frustrated with my handling of finances. Oh well!

About the same time, the Southern Utah Rock Club went on a rock hounding trip to Babylon, across the I-15 Freeway from Silver Reef. It was a neat trip, and Andrea found some full sized petrified trees in the Chinlee Formation. The photo shows us sitting in front of 2 logs, and the extended photo shows a full tree she found. It was a fun rock hounding trip.

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