Song 156 – Reflections on Life

By June 9, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 52. Meditation, for me, is to have no requirements and no one else around for a couple of hours, then to sit down with my guitar, to start to strum or pick the strings, to listen to the words which come to my mind, and then to write the words and the guitar chords down. This song is a typical result. Contemplating how complex life is, the joy and the pain, and the goal of gaining knowledge of truth. Recognizing the important thing to carry in our back pack is service and love. Reflecting on my life, I realized I “started out as my Mom’s pride and joy, the first of two, a girl and a boy.” I was quiet and still am insecure and coy. My life found it’s groove while I was serving as a missionary in England. Certainly, learned more about life on my mission than at college or playing in The Keynotes. I still laugh about the reaction of the border agents when I came from France into England one time, had put hair color as “dishwater blonde,” and watched them laugh and show each other my application for entry into England. I wanted to be a father, thought I was ready, and based on how too many of my kids don’t interact with me or follow my example, I still have my doubts. I did become an author, though my book New Technologies in Exploration Geophysics was never reprinted (except in Chinese). A key line in all of the songs I have written came out of this reflection: “Success came too quick and left just as fast.” It was fun to tour the world. I missed the kids growing up, and now I wish I had spent more time with them, that they might want to spend more time with me now that I am getting older. Then another key stanza: “Starting all over, again and again, Nervous and scared when it’s time to begin, Optimistic I am not forsaken, Believing from bad dreams I’ll soon awaken.” Hopefully those going through the same life processes will gain from the sharing of experience captured through my meditations.

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