Song 123 – Grant & Ella

By May 2, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 127. Andrea and I drove to St. Louis from Katy and spent Thanksgiving with Paul and his family in 2005. This is one of three songs I wrote on visits to Paul’s family using a guitar Paul had, early in the mornings before anyone else was awake. The other two songs were written the next summer when we went up and went to Nauvoo with Paul’s family. These songs are Song 126 – Not Very Smart and Song 127 – No Fears. This song is about both Grant and Ella. The other two songs are respectively about Ella and about Grant. I like all three of the songs. I like how the chorus of this song says “Grant and Ella archetypes of what the world can be, when the rising generation grabs the future’s key.” I like how verse one captures the energy I saw: “like a spring that hasn’t sprung, with untapped synergy.” I liked how verse 2 points out they are “arrows in their parent’s quiver, being polished for future use.” I like how the third verse talks about Grant climbing and exploring and Ella cooking marsh mellows on an open fire. I like how each verse ends with “about to change the world we know with energy and with love.” I guess I just like the energy and the message of the song.

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