Song 351 – Enjoy the View

By July 9, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. It had been a long time since I had lived in an apartment. And since I have worked out of my house for several years, and since we had a 1-bedroom apartment, I basically lived in the living room when in Houston. The good news is we had a nice balcony, which overlooked the Army Corps of Engineers Barker Reservoir. Although we were a couple of miles from the water, it was a nice view. The composite image to the left shows three panorama views from our balcony. At the top is an ice storm. In the middle are the trees at Valentine’s Day, after one of the kids in my Sunday School Class climbed up a tree for me and hung a red reflecting globe as a Valentine Card for Andrea (it is a red dot about 1/4th the way from the left side, and in a dark area vertically in the middle of the image). The bottom image is of one of the many beautiful sunrises we saw. The expanded image is a composite of 5 photos. The upper left photo shows a U.S. flag to the left or north. By September 19th, 2014 I had bought a block of salt and a bag of deer corn and had placed them were we could see them nicely from our patio (upper center). Got nice photos of deer (lower left) and wild pigs (lower middle). There was one buck I especially enjoyed watching. I called him the velveteen buck. About the time we moved, he was hit and killed by a car on Kingsland Boulevard over by the road that went up past the pond referenced in Song 163 – Seminary Trek (right image on expanded composite image). It was sad to see a beautiful wild animal killed by urban sprawl. I did enjoy the view. It was part of a major transition in my life. Enjoying the view reminded me of the tidal flats, gumbo, dinosaurs, Nephites, longhorns, ranchers, and rice farmers who had walked this view. We had a new member of Nottingham Country Ward, Ren Nielson, who was a cowboy from Idaho turned high profile lawyer. He rode with his son Christopher, who was in my Sunday School Class, on horses through the park to our place, and came up and ate ribs from Wright’s Bar-B-Que with us. And of course, as I looked out over Barker Reservoir, during breaks from work, I could see the cement treehouses filling up Barker Reservoir in my mind (see Song 114 – Barker Reservoir). As I envisioned the new type of city, I saw a new kind of ark for mankind (see Song 100 – Zion and Song 090 – Deseret). Again, I did enjoy the view, even if the spatial view transversed time.

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