Song 151 – Hear God’s Word

By June 4, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 101 – This New Song, and was not used as the music for a Psalm. Since I typically only sing these songs about once a year, I had forgot this one. It was written in the spring of 2009, before I had started the marathon effort to put all of the Psalms to the music of my songs. Looking back, this song was kind of a future looking reflection on what was going to happen: “Hear my words, I want to talk with you, my son, To teach you what to do. Words are sounds or they are written symbols sharing meaning, which can guide you, if you listen to the words. Words are heard or they are read, and by my spirit, you will understand the meaning of my words. It is my voice which speaks to you, and by my power you can read the words of life and testify. Recognize the words you think you hear, as though they come from mine own mouth, teaching you what to do.” In looking for an image which carried this message I came across some images of a Nottingham Country Ward Christmas Party. For several years, the Ward build ancient Jerusalem in the gym, and included was a replica of a manger, representing where the Savior was born. This simple photo captures this concept of the answer to a prayer, at least in my mind, and is why I selected it.

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