Song 390 – Nelson Cabin

By August 23, 2018Songs

This is another Science Camp Ballad (see photo with Song 104 – Three Little Men, Song 160 – Science Camp, Song 375 – Dallin, Space Cadet, Song 376 – Saint Sophie, and Song 406 – Looking Down on Me. It describes how Joshua drove from Salt Lake to Scipio to pick up Sophie and take her to London. Paul made it to the tri-annual Nelson Reunion, and we collected rocks at Bloody Ridge and worked on the rocks in the rock shop. It was Jared’s first Science Camp and first time to The Nelson Cabin. Thirteen hundred miles with five kids. I remember those days. Ben and Ethan flew to Science Camp from Mexico, where they went to a friend’s wedding. Andrea made a lot of cookies. Dr. Robert Eves arrangeed for one of his professors to teach the kids about html programming. “Grandpa Nelson is in heavenly bliss, Seeing past and future years of Science Camps.” This annual gathering has definitely turned into one of the worthwhile activities associated with life and truly living.

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