Song 129 – The Supermarket

By May 9, 2018Songs

This song is referenced in the description of Song 107 – The Missionaries. The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. I remember thinking this song was hokey. I have not been excited about recording these songs written before 1970 (as well as some of the others). Oh well! If I’m going to become completely digital, the hokey and the sad need to reside with the better and the glad. I was surprised when I recorded the song, I kind of liked it. It had to have been written about Lyn’s Market in Cedar City, Utah. And so it was only logical I went back to Lyn’s, at least 48 years later, and take a photo of what the grocery store looks like now, as is shown to the right. The song is about mirrors. Real mirrors help us see exactly what is in the reflection. Two-way mirrors tend to give distorted images, and those looking through these mirrors also get a distorted view of us. I find it fascinating that 48+ years after writing these words Lyn’s has no mirrors (at least like they used to have). And, of course, the mirrors are simply a way to describe the process of self-evaluation: looking for faults; listening to some of the others too willing to give us advice; seeing people peering at us and attempting to run our life when they do not run their own life very well; then seeing and recognizing the hypocrites, and those who strive to live the golden rule. Tomorrow there is hope, let the supermarket teach us life.

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