Song 397 – Faults

By August 31, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 021 – Dunes. This is the most technical of the geology songs I have written so far. The chorus is pretty simple: “A fracture or a zone of fractures, Where there has been displacement, Of layers on either side of the fault.” Verse 1 talks about geometrical classifications, and defines the first of these: “the rake of the net slip.” Verses 2 and 3 defines the second geometrical classification, “the relative attitude of the fault and beds.” Verse 4 defines the third geometrical classification as fault patterns. Verse 5 defines the fourth geometrical classification as being based on the angle of the dip of the fault. Verse 6 defines the fifth geometrical classification as the apparent movement of the beds on either side of the fault. Verse 7 describes an alternative genetic classification, which is based on the nature of the forces involved in faulting, starting with thrust faults. Verse 8 describes strike-slip faults. Verses 9 and 10 describe how faults can be classified based on absolute movement, including five kinds of gravity faults. Verse 11 describes five kinds of thrust faults. You cannot learn all of these classifications listening to this song once. You need to study the concepts and even draw them out, in order to understand all of the different classifications of faults.

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