Song 117 – Andrea

By April 25, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 56. This is the third of six love songs I have written for Andrea and posted, so far (for the others see Song 010 – Patterns, Song 041 – A Love Song for Andrea, Song 147 – Andrea My Love, Song 148 – A Song in My Heart, and Song 353 – New Wood Floors). I like each of each song and gave digital copies of the songs to Andrea at Christmas last year. Genesis 2:18, Moses 3:18, and Abraham 5:14 teach “it is not good that the man should be alone.” I testify this is true! Depending on when one says Marti checked out of our marriage (when she first threatened divorce in about 1990, when I gave her more space and went to work at BEG (The Bureau of Economic Geology in Austin, TX) about 1995, or when the divorce was finalized in 1997), there is no question but that I was at my worst during these years. I did not have the tools nor know how to emotionally handle the “bust” in Celestial Kingdom or Bust. I was too proud to seek professional or spiritual help. I did go to a counselor to see if it would help. It didn’t. Then after the divorce, I went through PAIRS with Dr. White, and it did help a lot. I felt it was too little too late. And then Andrea came into my life, and she became my light and my joy. Because she has her own insecurities and struggles and recovery issues tied to her divorce she sometimes does not see how she fulfills me. She is very aggressively out to prove her worth, doing things she doesn’t need to do. And with all of this she makes our home a heaven and lifts me. As the new Relief Society President of Hillcrest Ward, it seems there is nothing she can not do. It just takes time for completion. Andrea is a great cook, and she shows me daily why it would not be good for me to be alone. She is leading the way back to Heavenly Father’s home for all who will listen and learn from her. This is why I selected the photo of all of us who were at Audrey and Joshua’s wedding as the image for this song.

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