Song 359 – Words Cannot Express

By July 18, 2018Songs

I went to an SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) Convention in Houston in 2009 and saw a friend, Noel Daley, whom I have seldom seen since working with him at the Seismic Acoustics Laboratory (SAL) at the University of Houston. Noel was a programmer whom Fred Hilterman hired to keep operations running. He was very good, and we had become friends at SAL. His company and his booth were SDI (Software Development Corporation). I was looking for funding for Dynamic Measurement, told him about what we were doing, and he said, “I’m in, this is a TOTALLY kick-ass technology.” This meditation was about Noel’s words. Time and Space have been key components of my technical evolution. I spent a lot of time developing indices, the TimeDexsm (TD) and the Infinite Gridsm (IG), being the two referenced in the footnotes of  the first verse of this song. “Depth is not just down, it refers to how God is found, His thoughts are deeper than ours, Our prayers and faith can find Him.” The other two key indices are Data Types (verse 5) and the Knowledge Backbonesm (KB) (verse 6). These “Thoughts are the seeds, That can help us recognize the weeds, We must not dampen, Our ability to think.” The best summary of these indices, is what I placed in my description of The Urban Machine put together for Dr. Bowen Loften regarding preparing Galveston for the next big Hurricane. This work was published on 02 March 2007, and includes specific descriptions of the KB, the DT, the IG, and the TD. As I get older and older, and do not see these simple and powerful ideas caught hold of and implemented by anyone other than myself, I wonder how many wonderful, I believe inspired, developments have gone to the grave with people like me who do not have the ability to find the convincing words to lead to implementation. Words can not express what is in the hearts and minds of men and women who care. The image to the left shows a cross-section from a lightning analysis derived apparent resistivity volume with an interpretation from seismic and well logs overlain on it. To my eye, these results are absolutely phenomenal, “a TOTALLY kick-ass technology.”

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