Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free

By June 8, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 101 – This New Song and Song 149 – Living Dreams, and provided the music for both Psalm71 and for Song 378 – Revelations 15:3-4. The song was written in 2010, when I was 60, and when I still thought I had another Landmark Graphics lurking in my mind. Guess I still think I do, at age 68. Ever the optimist. I had been fired by Kjell Finstad, who was the investor in Continuum Resources International, and I had decided to restart Dynamic Oil & Gas (DOG). Edy Rogers encouraged me to use a different name, even though he was one of the shareholders in DOG. The other shareholders were Dr. Roger Anderson, Dr. Larry Cathles, and Ed Story. DOG had never gone anyplace, mostly because of yet another downturn in the oil & gas industry, and a lack of focus. So, I formed Dynamic Resources Corporation (DRC), my 100% owned oil company (so far “oil company” in name only). The song is based on Exodus 5:14; John 8:32; and D&C 38:22. Dynamic has over 100 AMIs (Areas-of-Mutual-Interest) and about 20 TMIs (Technologies-of-Mutual-Interest). As stated in Song 143 – Dedication to John Doran, at least one competent geoscientist caught the vision and was going to invest significant resources in Dynamic Resources. Because of Cash Flow requirements, and not having the capital needed to purchase leases where the AMIs are located, I took one of the TMIs (lightning analysis) and turned it into a separate company: Dynamic Measurement LLC. Geology does not change in human time-scales. The opportunities I have identified will be still valid in my children, my grandchildren, or my great-grandchildren’s lifetimes, if they have not been drilled. The foundation I have laid is worth trillions of dollars. Maybe someone will recognize it, and pick up the banner. In the meantime, I am enjoying the journey, though it would be nice if we were not always so stressed about cash flow. Oh well! (Yes, I want to drill wells!)

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