Song 138 – Sunrise (Sunset)

By May 19, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. When light from the sun passes through the atmosphere on a clear day, the longer wavelengths (red, orange, and yellow) are absorbed by the water in the atmosphere. This is the same as in water in a lake or the ocean. So, shorter blue wavelengths of light make it to our eyes. During sunrise and sunset, light rays have to ravel through more atmosphere, because they are close to the horizon. The shorter wavelengths are then scattered, and the longer red wavelengths enter into our eyes. However, it is not the science that excites us, it is the beauty. When we see a pretty sunrise, we want to share it with someone we care about. And typically, the real beauty only lasts for a few minutes. If a loved one has left for some reason, my instinct is to want to share the beauty with them, to believe if they saw what we see, they would be as happy as we are. “It’s just not the same, when I call out your name, no one answers my cry, except a still, hush sigh.” And then we can see the beauty repeat, though it looks different each time, as the sun sets in the west, and “I wish you were here to see another day pass.” I don’t care much for the music for some of these old songs. Maybe it is because I can not remember or can not reconstruct the music based on the guitar chords written down. However, the words seem to capture meaningful concepts which are valid across the years. The photo to the left is of a sunrise, and the extended photo, when you click on this photo, is of a sunset.

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