Song 384 – Suzuki Practice

By August 16, 2018Songs

This song is referenced in the description of Song 357 – Steve Lovell, as one of two songs written about my Sister, Sara Penny (see Song 380 – Driven for the second one). When we were growing up and Sara was learning to play the violin I hated it. I love the concerts she is involved in now, both with The Orchestra of Southern Utah and with small groups. I have gone to several of her Suzuki Concerts since moving back home, and it is neat to watch the little kids play the violin. Music can have such a lasting simpact on someone’s life, even if it is only “sort of music,” like too many of my songs. In February of 2016 we went to one of these Suzuki Concerts, and as I listened to the kids play one of the songs I heard over and over as a youth, I came home and decided I needed to create my own version of this song. In effect, this meditation is an exercise in rhyming with night (right, fight, light, flight, quiet, and sight), hike (bike, like, and mic [for microphone]), mind (find, signed, and kind), futile (doodle, detail, and retail), sound (bound, hound, found, around, mound, and wound), and sight (kite, might, height, plight, white, and light). Pulling one line from each verse, the song says “Practice day and night, come into the light, record it with a mic, make sure it is signed, God is in the detail, digitize the sound, find what can be found, look beyond your sight, found in pure light.” I’ve never been that good at remembering names or using words, and so this type of effort is an effort to exercise that part of my brain which is not used in my daily life (practice day and night).

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